Brick Lane Markets | Mark F Wilkinson Photography

Brick Lane Markets

This series is taken around Brick Lane over the Spring and Summer of 2014. One of the most diverse parts of London with an intoxicatingly eclectic mix of cultures that mingle and clash. The Sunday Market on Brick Lane really exemplifies the dichotomy of London Society. From the cut price car boot style market on Quaker Street with it’s stolen bicycles, full of poverty but not short of pride, exemplifying dying culture of traditional Eastenders to the food stalls and endless Indian Restaurants on the way to Spitafields Market that caters for an entirely different trendy culture of the Shoreditich.Brick Lane 1

Brick Lane 4Spitafields 1 Brick Lane 5Brick Lane 5 Brick Lane 6Brick Lane 7 Brick Lane 3sDSCF2134s Brick LAne 15sBrick Lane 8 DSCF2961sBrick Lane 2Bick Lane 9 DSCF2855sDSCF2990sDSCF2894sBrick Lane 11