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Roger Mayne

mayne-soloRoger Mayne is one of the photographers that really inspired in my early years studying photography. His work documenting South Kensington’s Southam Street in the 1950’s was a brilliant depiction of a bygone age. A more innocent age where a middle aged male photographer could photograph children on the street unchallenged. He is unusual in his approach to street photography considering himself an artist,  here he talks about his work:

‘Photography involves two main distortions – the simplification into black and white, and the seizing of an instant in time. It is this particular mixture of reality and unreality, and the photographer’s power to select, that makes it possible for photography to be an art. Whether it is good art depends on the power and the truth of the artist’s statement.’

“My reason for photographing the poor streets is that I love them, and the life on them (I am here concerned with what I see: for the moment it is irrelevant that most of these houses have no baths, and that their structure is endangered by disrepair). Empty, the streets have their own kind of beauty, a kind of decaying splendour, and always great atmosphere — whether romantic, on a hazy winter day, or listless when the summer is hot; sometimes it is forbidding; or it may be warm and friendly on a sunny spring weekend when the street is swarming with children playing, and adults walking through or standing gossiping.”

STREET-SCENE-SHEFFIELD-1961-1-C29108 tumblr_m8othyzYs51qfcql1o1_500 tumblr_m8wvgeugwW1qlt6o3o1_500 Untitled roger-mayne roger_mayne notting hill street scene with two spivs michaelxblackhouse21976 mayne8 e79d38ba2c21fa58c13344d998605755 DSC_0068 DSC_0054 Roger Mayne 1

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  1. mary taylor

    My passion is black and white pictures from the past. I have a group and have found a few of thede through google. A friend gave me your name. Your work is amazing and real…… Just like the one I lived in only mine was scotland……

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