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I am an award winning documentary photographer with more than 10 years experience photographing events for Arts organisations and charities including The Royal National Theater, The Arts Coucil of England, Centerpoint and Plan International and IPC Magazines. My personal work documenting the urban culture of London has been exhibited at several London galleries including The Photographer Gallery, Photofusion and the Notting Hill Arts Gallery. I was the winner of the Year 1 National Photography Competiion in 2000, Urban Photographer of the Year in 2008 and my entry to “Street Photographer of the Year” Competition 2014 was commended.

I create informal insightful and original photography for community projects, performances, events and conferences. I also produce formal and informal group and individual portraits, as well as pursue my own documentary projects.

“Photography for me is a way of exploring the world and expressing my feelings about it. A Photograph can capture intangible moments expressing emotions that lie under the surface. When exploring a subject or location I work instinctively and produce a serties of images that meander like a stream of visual narrative. I find myself returning to recurrent themes, my instinct often takes me towards the sub-cultures and people living on the fringes of society. My style is influenced by documentary photographers visual narrative. As a photgrapher I look at the human condition and the common links that bind us all.”